Frequently Ask Question

Question:    Is it an obligation to sign-up in

Answer:      Not absolutely. However it is recommended to sign-up in order to see all the features of the website.     
                  Assessments and comments can only be posted by registrated users. Some content is just visible 
                  for registrated users.

Question:    What will happen with my data upon registration.

Answer:     Your data will be saved exclusively in our data base.
                 We will never provide any third party with the data of our users.
                 They also will never be published. We don’t send any advertising to our customers.

Question:   How can I post comments or assessments?

Answer:     A full registration is obligation in order to post assessments or comments.
                 For a serious handle we like to know the author of assessments and comments.
                 All items will be checked by us before publicated.
                 Together will the comment or assessment we will publish the nickname and nationality
                 of the user only and not the full name.

Question:    How reliable are the test results of

Answer:      Assessments made by the Test.It-Team are marked with the seal of this website and
                  therefor those can be seen as reliable.
                  Comments and assessments of users will be checked by us, however we cannot
                  give any warranty for those.

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