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Test.It! Philippines is a business and  tourist guide company established by a consulting agent that wants to bring businesses and their prospective customers together. It is no doubt that having a good name and reputation within a specific industry will get your business on top of the others. A good customer base is of paramount importance to gain that reputation. Letting the people's voices be heard by writing reviews with regards to your company's offered products and/or services will be a good starting point.

Test.It! Philippines online site contains real people's unbiased assessments and reviews of airports, hotels, restaurants, public places and other touristic locations all around the Philippines for the world to see. This serves a good way to help foreign and local travelers in planning a perfect getaway they ever wanted to experience.

If you have your business listed or added in our website, it would greatly improve the number of your prospective customers that can turn into additional profit. Your listing or ad will contain detailed information, descriptions along with your business' contact details. Thus, helping all possible customers in taking up as much information they need about a specific place or business by means of reading reviews prior to them acquiring a product or service. In addition to that, they can also leave their own reviews, give ratings and suggestions for you to have ideas on how you could further improve or develop your business.

Test.It! Philippines also have a printed magazine that offers ad spaces for your adverts, every business that wants to advertise or provide information such as their, contact details, promos, location maps and other useful information are accommodated. These ads varies in sizes, they can be full page, half page or quarter page ads.

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